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Fall 2016
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Home Grown Products

Now Offering:

  • Garden-fresh Vegetables (check to see what is in season)
  • Local Honey - 1/2 pints and pints available (get them while they last!)
  • Cage-free Eggs - $3.50  per dozen
  • Goat Milk Soap
  • Pasture Raised Poultry


Fresh eggs...brown chicken eggs and NOW "chocolate brown" eggs from our Australop Chickens.

A special thank you to our customers who ordered their 2015 holiday turkey.  We are accepting deposits on our 2016 birds.  Currently we are growing out 40 birds for this holiday season.  We will have a limited number of goose for Christmas.  Patient Wait  will continue to do this on a small -- and sustainable level -- with all livestock raised and cared for in accordance with AWA standards. 

Our whole holiday turkey sells for $6.99 per pound.  You choose the approx. size you would like to reserve for your holiday dinner.  For 2016 we will offer whole goose for $9.99 per pound.

Helpful hints and Heritage Turkey Recipe -- compliments of Local Harvest.

Check "Events and Market Days" page for produce and products that will be available at the Anderson Farmer's Market.


Interested in serving a true American Tradition?  Contact us to make a  $20 deposit and reserve a Heritage Turkey to serve at your holiday get-together.  The  processor we use is Certified Humane and Animal Welfare Approved.  Your turkey will be air-chilled -- not soaked in water with preservatives.  We will have a limited number for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are sold out usually by October -- reserve your 2016 feast for just $20.  Indicate S, M, or L -- $6.99 per pound.  NOTE:  We may be SOLD OUT for 2016.  Call to be put on waiting list.
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