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Summer 2017
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Heritage Turkeys and Chickens
Our poultry is pasture-raised and IS NOT given antibiotics.  Because the turkeys and chickens are cage-free and allowed to forage, they are healthier and happier than commercially produced poultry.  The stock we have started from are from private breeders dedicated to preserving a diverse --- uniquely American gene pool.  To learn more about Heritage Turkeys and other livestock on the ALBC watch list, please visit their website:

Just $20 reserves your turkey for your 2017 holiday celebration.  Indicate the approx. size you wish to have, and we'll reserve your whole bird.  $6.99per pound.

Want to "grow" your own?  Sold out for 2017 hatching eggs and poults. We will start taking orders for 2018 in October:  $3.50 per egg/$9.00 per day-old poult (min. order of 3) -- 12 or more for $8.00 each. ** please keep in mind we cannot ship day-old poults per our AWA certification.

***interested in a couple to "peck around" the yard -- some "left-over" young birds available in October.

Narragansett Turkeys are named for the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.  It descends from a cross between native Eastern wild turkeys and the domestic turkeys brought to America by English and European colonists beginning in the 1600's.

Rare Jersey Buff Turkeys are at Patient Wait Farms!  The Buff is a historic turkey variety of the mid-Atlantic region named for the beautiful color of its feathers.  It was accepted in the American Poultry Association in 1874 and used to develop the Bourbon Red variety in the late 1800's.

Although the breed did ultimately become extinct -- the Ag. Experimental Station in Millville, NJ initiated a program to develop a small to medium size market turkey -- hence, the Jersey Buff!

Buff poults have arrived, and we are in the process of obtaining more hatching eggs from a private breeder.  Buffs have been selected for both production and plumage.  We will have some poults available for purchase next year.  Let us know if you are interested in helping preserve this genetic resource and would like to be on our list to order poults next year for your farm.


New for 2016!  Embden Goslings.  White Embden geese originated in Germany and brought to United States in 1821. Very docile and a good eating goose.  Males reach 20 lbs and females 13 lbs.  

Jersey Buff Toms (picture courtesy of ALBC).  We will update with a picture of our own "beautiful boys."

Our Narragansett turkeys enjoying some shade under the mulberry tree!

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