Heritage Turkey for Your Traditional Holiday Celebtration

Pasture-Raised Poultry

Our poultry is pasture-raised and IS NOT given antibiotics.  Because our turkeys and chickens are cage-free and allowed to forage, they are healthier and happier than commercially produced poultry.  The breeding stock is from private breeders dedicated to genetic diversity and hardy stock.  To learn more about Heritage Turkeys and other livestock on the ALBC watch list, please visit their website:  www.albc-usa.org

Visit Patient Wait during the Upstate Farm Tour

The Farm Tour is the best way to meet the farmers and visit the farm.  Get up close and personal to the docile livestock and learn about sustainable practices that honor the animals and environment.

Check back for announcements or drop us a line to be notified of upcoming events and on farm sales.

2018 Holiday Turkey Deposits

Just $20 deposit reserves a turkey for your 2018 holiday celebration.  Indicate the approximate size you wish to order, and we'll reserve your whole bird.  $6.99 per pound for 2018.